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How Can Personal Projects Help Start a Career in Graphic Design?

If you don’t have formal design training or professional experience it does not mean you can’t get started in designing. You just have to start somewhere.
Firstly I would advise you to take some personal projects and work on that and practice. Then you can figure out if design is the right career for you, and decide if you love it and want to build a portfolio, but personal projects are a great starting point. A personal project can be something you do just for yourself... a website design on a favourite topic, an invitation to an event or really anything for which you are your own client. This is also very impressive in a portfolio, especially when starting. Many design students’ portfolios consist of primarily personal work and college projects.
Work for friends and family can also be considered personal projects. Whether or not you charge from this work and what you charge is a personal decision, though it can’t hurt to do a few free jobs when trying to get your feet wet. Offer to design a friend’s wedding save-the-date, baby announcement, poster for their band’s show, or anything else that will give you experience and visibility. From there, word-of-mouth can spread as people see your credit line on the work and ask about the designer. As you build up a portfolio of work, you can start taking on paying clients and applying for design positions.


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