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What makes a great logo?

A professionally designed logo is one of the most important first steps for any new business to take. A well-designed logo defines the company to the public, and serves as the centerpiece of its image and all visual branding from business cards to websites. So what makes a logo truly great?
1. Memorable
An effective logo stays in the mind of the customer long after they have viewed it. Consumers prefer things that are familiar, if they remember your logo when they see it again, they will be drawn to it. How many of these logos can you identify from just the first letter?

2. Simple and Potent
Imagine the logo design process as taking a novel and turning it into a haiku. Thomas Jefferson famously and wisely said, “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” The same can be said of logos. Take everything about your company and boil it down to its very essence. Eliminate everything that is not completely essential, such as taglines or LLC’s. Consider communicating what your business does through abstract or simplified visual elements. Resist the urge to think too literally. Nike started as a shoe company for runners. Instead of using a runner or shoe in their logo, they captured the essence of their spirit through a simplified wing from the Greek goddess Nike, who personifies victory.

3. Appropriate colors and fonts
Red has been scientifically proven to increase appetite, and yellow gives a feeling of warmth and happiness. It's no secret that food chains want their customers to be hungry and happy! Every color has powerful connotations, and when used correctly color can greatly influence mood and reaction. Every font expresses varying degrees of strength, tradition, friendliness, playfulness, or trustworthiness. Carefully chosen fonts and colors will convey what you want to express about your company.

4. Versatile
How would your logo look on a ballpoint pen? How about a billboard? Does your logo still look great in black and white? Does it still read well when embroidered or screen-printed? A successful logo will be effective when used in conjunction with a variety of media, colors, sizes and applications. It is timelessness will grow with your company and will rarely need redesigning.

5. Captures Your Unique Purpose
A good logo never uses clip art or stock images. At Lightbox we design from the ground up around your unique goals and identity. Your logo should set you apart from the crowd.

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