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Tips for Young upcoming Graphic Designers

1          -           Be willing to take advice from Senior graphic designers,  don’t think 
                        you know everything. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone else.
2          -           Keep Your Stuff Organized, it is very imported to keep your layers
                        organized that way you will make your life much easier, when you’re working
                        with a lot of pictures and thing.
3          -           Listen to the criticism people give, the sooner you start thinking of criticism
                        positively the better. You can learn a lot from the criticism people give and it
                        can help you improve your work in the future.
4          -           Be yourself and build relationships, with everyone you work with and not
                        just your clients. Do a lot of networking and get to meet new people. In the
                        designing world it is very important to just be yourself.
5          -           Line up all your tasks, write down everything  you have to do and organize
                        them from most important to least important, then work from the top down.
                        This way you would not forget anything and get everything done quicker.


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